December 25

It's Christmas Day!!! We are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and open the final window on our Advent Calendar! As we want this to be very special, we're not just giving away a knive set, a spice grinder or a one hour massage.

No, today our special present is a free stay with us for a whole week after your cookery course is done! If you book today, there won't be any rush on your course lunch breaks to go and explore all the adventures in Val d'Isére as you will have a whole week to enjoy all of it after your course has finished.

The first three bookings reaching us today or on December 26 will be rewarded with this free B&B option for one person (not available on the last course of the season).

Have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in Val d'Isère soon!


December 24

Some people who want to come on a cookery course with us are a little bit hesitant, as they are going to spend money on a getaway that their partner is not involved in. We've got the perfect solution for this: the first three bookings today get a free stay for a non-cooking partner (or friend) for the duration of the course. Flights & transfers aren't included, but they will share your room, share your food, and enjoy your company during the afternoon break.

As there is plenty to do in Val d'Isère in summer, they won't get bored while you are cooking up a storm, and they'll be happy to try the first samples of the food you'll soon be cooking at home!

Can't book today? Check out our prices for non-cooking partners or friends!



December 23

Christmas is coming closer - not long now until the day is here!

We are getting a little more festive too, and our Advent Calendar presents become a little more special every day. If you book your cookery course with us today, our extra special treat for you is a dinner at the famous L'Atelier d'Edmond.

The Atelier is one out of two Michelin star restaurants in Val d'Isère and an evening there is not only about filling your stomach with several delightful courses - the whole atmosphere in the place, the spot-on service and the lovely creations by Benoît Vidal make it an extraordinary experience.

We pay dinner for one person - you just need to add the wine!


December 20

One of the many things we will teach you on our cookery courses is the important use of fresh herbs and spices. How often does it happen that you open your kitchen cupboard to take out a pack of ground spices and realize that they're actually way beyond best before date. But as you're that far into your recipe, you'll use them anyway - and be surprised how unimpressive the outcome is.

An easy way to avoid such disappointment is to grind your spices on the spot with a spice grinder whenever you need them. The flavours will be a lot more intense and the dish will taste more authentic than using the supermarket ground versions which just aren't comparable.

Therefore, today's gift on our Advent Calendar is a spice grinder - which you will know exactly how to use when you take it home from your cookery course in Val d'Isère!


December 17

Our mornings and afternoons during the cookery courses will be filled with lots of cooking, tasting, perfecting and presenting delicious meals which we are then going to eat all together in the evening.

Between lunch and the afternoon lessons you will have a few spare hours to enjoy all the summer activities in Val d'Isère. And today, our Advent Calendar present for you is a horseback riding lesson during one of your lunch breaks. Enjoy Val d'Isère's beauty while you and your guide ride along the Isère through stunning green landscapes.



December 16

A couple of days ago our Advent Calendar present was a tandem paragliding flight. Today, we'll take you a bit higher and a bit further!

If you book your cookery course with us today, make sure you're camera batteries are fully charged when you come out to Val d'Isère as you are going on a scenic helitours around the Espace Killy!


December 15

In summer 2017 we are going to welcome you as our new students in Val d'Isère and teach you how to cook. But some foods you can find in the Savoyarde region don't need any cooking at all to be enjoyed!

Today's Advent Calendar present for you is a hamper full of regional cheeses and cured meats (along with a bottle of wine) - and you can decide if you'd like to take it home or you take it up the mountain for a picnic in the afternoon.


December 14

Val d'Isère is a stunning place - both in summer and winter, although two completely different worlds. If you know the little Tarentaise village from a winter village, you will be surprised how much it changes its face as soon as the snow melts and all the surrounding mountains all of the sudden feature all the shades of green you could possibly imagine.

Today's advent calendar present is a tandem paragliding flight for you, so you can enjoy the view from above and get to see more than the usual visitor!


December 13

For our cookery school students and us summer in Val d'Isère is mostly about food. But of course, whenever we all get the chance, we like to explore the area and enjoy as much as possible of all that summer has to offer. If you know Val d'Isère as a winter resort, you will be amazed to find a completely different universe out here during the summer months.

For those students booking today though, we want to bring a little bit of winter back while you enjoy the summer days in the Savoyarde region. The present in our 13th window is a day's ski pass on the Grande Motte Glacier in Tignes. As summer skiing is only available in the morning, this present is most suitable for those with their own transport and can stay a little longer after the course. Two extra nights after the course including B&B are on us as well!



December 10

Another very important thing you will learn on our cookery courses - apart from all the exciting and delicious recipes - are new and improved knife skills! Where a new recipe will make your family or friends happy on the occasions you cook for them, your knife skills will make YOU happy every single time you prepare a meal. Whether it is a simpla pasta dish or a complex 4 course dinner!

Knife skills aren't only about the technique itself, it starts with the very knives you're using and how you take care of them. We want you to be prepared as good as possible, and that's why today's window on our Advent Calendar presents you with a brandnew sparkling knife set.

Book your course today, if this is what you'd like to be greeted with in Val d'Isère. Just make sure you don't book a flight with carry-on luggage only!


December 9

Who doesn't love a good Italian pasta dish? And what could be any better than a big batch of fresh, homemade pasta to spoil your family or your dinner guests?

On both our Cookery Retreat and our Foundation Course you will learn how to make different kinds of pasta and which are the crucial points in preparing them, so you won't end up with a pot full of soggy mess!

One thing you will need to invest in is a pasta machine. But if you book your cookery course today, we will make this investment for you and you can take home a brand new pasta machine after your course in Val d'Isère next summer. All you need is enough space in your suitcase and a hungry family or bunch of friends to volunteer as guinea pigs!


December 8

One of the nicest things about our cookery courses is that it's not a holiday you have to book just for yourself. If you have a friend or a partner who would like to tag along, they can do so - even without the cooking!
For roughly half the price of the cookery course, you can bring your plus one who will share your room and your meals, but has all day to explore the area around Val d'Isère.

If you book today for yourself and a non-cooking friend or partner, our present to you is a Saturday airport transfer with Snowdrone for your plus one (return trip).

For all our students, the Saturday airport transfer is included in the course fee!


December 7

Val d'Isère doesn't only have some of the best skiing in France (or supposedly in the world!), but is also home of one of France's best pâtisseries. The award-winning bakery is known far beyond Val d'Isère and if you visit our town, a slice of cake, a piece of a Savoyarde quiche or one of their homemade ice cream creations is a must.

Today's Advent Calendar present to you is an afternoon tea for two at Chevallot!



December 6

Our cookery courses aren't only about learning how to cook and how to present food, we also want you to properly enjoy eating your food. As we think a glass of wine is the perfect friend for a nice meal, we offer housewines free of charge with every dinner. If you find, just a housewine isn't quite enough, you might want to book your cookery course today: window number six has a bottle of champagne for you upon arrival in Val d'Isère next summer.

Be our guest and start your week (or two) in the French Alps with an evening of bubbles!


December 5

During our cookery courses you get to learn how to prepare many different foods in many different styles using many different techniques. We are quite certain that a lot of our students have accumulated kitchen cabinets full of equipment at home, but very often not an idea how to use them.

Our courses can change this, and all of a sudden you won't want to live without your sushi mats, your stick blender or your pasta machine. And just because it's almost Christmas and our Advent Calendar needs something extra special every now and then, we're throwing in an ice cream machine in today's Advent Calendar window.

Book today and after your cookery course you won't only know how to make real ice cream, you will also have the equipment to put into practice what we teach you in Val d'Isère!


December 4

When you put a lot of effort into cooking an amazing four course dinner, it's not only about the flavours you get to taste, you also want to make sure the presentation goes hand in hand with your creation. Very often the presentation can be the crucial factor for a meal to succeed or fail.

On our cookery courses we won't only teach you about the technical aspects of cooking - we think the artistic side is just as important. That's why today's present is literally turning one of your meals into a piece of art. At the end of your course, choose the best shot and have it printed on canvas!


December 3

Our summer cookery courses allow enough time in the afternoon for you to go off and explore Val d'Isère. Yesterday's Advent Calendar give-away was a picnic hamper to take up the mountain for a leisurely late lunch - today we've got something more active!

If you book your cookery course today, we will rent a mountain bike for you for an afternoon - full suspension and all of the saftety gear included. You don't even need to pedal all too hard; just take the free Olympique lift up to Bellevarde and then it's all downhill from there!



December 2

When you come to Val d'Isère for your cookery course, we will make sure you get a few hours every day to enjoy the incredible mountain views and the fresh air in the French Alps. In summer, the lifts for pedestrians and mountain bikers are free of charge. So there is nothing easier than jumping on a lift on your lunch break and enjoy the landscapes from above 2000m!

Today's Advent Calendar present is going to make your lunch break a lot more glamorous: we are treating you with a picnic hamper full of scrumptiousness to take up the mountain. And not only that - we're also going to add a bottle of prosecco to make life in the mountains even more sparkly and bubbly!

Book your cookery course today if this is the add-on you're going to settle for! But if a picnic isn't quite up your street, why not wait until tomorrow and find out what our present is behind window number 3!

December 1

Our cookery courses are designed so they leave enough spare time for you to explore the village and the area around Val d'Isère. Nevertheless, every now and then we might have a slightly more intense day than others, and instead of going for a hike you only feel like one thing: relaxing!

The little present hiding behind the 1st window on our Advent Calendar can help with that: if you book your cookery course today (no matter if it's the one week Cookery Retreat or the two week Foundation Course), we will spoil you with a one hour massage while you are out in Val d'Isère!

A massage is not for you? Wait for tomorrow's advent calendar window to see what our next present will be!



Find out about our Advent Calendar T&C here, or go straight to our Fine Print page with the booking form if you know THIS is for you!