From December 1st the YSE Cookery School will have its very own Advent Calendar and we'll spoil you with lots of little presents to come with your cookery course booking.
Every day we will have something different as an add-on when you book on the day.

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Terms & Conditions

- The prize is available for bookings from the time of its publishing until the next prize is published.

- The prizes are only available for cookery course bookings, not for non-cooking partners or friends.

- Prizes will be published between 9am and 12am every day from December 1 - 24.

- Prizes can only be claimed in Val d'Isère during your stay for the booked cookery course.

- If it's a physical prize (e.g. a pasta machine), YSE Cookery School is not responsible for its transportation back to your home destination.

- If your course booking gets cancelled or you cannot attend the course for any reason, the prize cannot be claimed.

- The prize cannot be exchanged for its monetary value.

- If your prize is an activity, YSE Cookery School can't be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, paralysis, death etc resulting from an activity you take part in.

- None of the activity prizes include any insurance. You are responsible for your own adequate insurance to participate in such an activity.

- All prizes are subject to availability (e.g. weather conditions, opening times etc) and subject to change within reason.

- The prize cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.