And all of a sudden it's the end of summer - a very eventful summer for us, spending time all over Europe. Wonderful weeks in Val teaching our first students at the YSE Cookery School, then off to several summer assignments that led us to a restaurant in Glasgow, the stunning island of Mykonos in Greece, several joyous weddings in the UK, and to a surf competition in Hossegor on the French Atlantic Coast.

Now it's time to come back home to Val d'Isère! The new winter season is merely weeks away and the YSE Cookery School will have the lead in training this season's chefs for YSE Ski and then running the restaurant for YSE's chalet hotel Les Chardons.

Those of you who have already spent a winter holiday with YSE Ski will know that the company deservingly prides itself on the quality of its guest services and food in particular. Many other companies bring their employees into resort only a few days or a week before their chalets open their doors. YSE puts a very strong emphasis on the training phase and everyone has about a month in Val d'Isère before welcoming first guests. They can familiarize themselves with the town, the slopes and the very spirit that makes YSE.

The new chefs who are going to work in Val d'Isère this season will therefore all undergo the same training from the middle of November. The schedule will be very similar to what our two week Foundation Course in summer has to offer, teaching people how to cook from scratch rather than learning a few recipes. The classes they will attend will teach them not only a multitude of different dishes, but also the skills it takes to bring together a four course dinner menu for every single day of the week (except for that one day everybody is forced to take off).

Even if you are an experienced chef with years of restaurant work under your belt, you will still be sitting and cooking in the same room with the rookies that might have done a season as a chalet girl and are now going to be the new chalet chefs. More often than not the rookies will surprise with their incredible talent, their astonishing creativity and simply their noticeable passion they bring into the training!

It's a bit like master chef, when everybody serves their creations and everything gets tasted, commented and critiqued on. Everyone gets a chance to learn from their "classmates'" success or failures. Now is the time to make the mistakes, and have the head chefs help you to get out of a prickly kitchen situation. Learn how to not just scrap a dish that's too spicy, too salty, too liquid, too firm, but find the solution to bring it up to quality and save yourself unnerving hours before dinner service.

You will notice during your winter holiday with YSE Ski that all their staff are incredibly at ease with their tasks at hand - and the Cookery School plays a big part in getting the chefs to where you will see them during the season.


If you want to be in the same happy place during your own dinner parties and serve your guests the delicious food you get to taste throughout the season, get in touch with us and find out more about next year's available one or two week programs. We are only an email or a phone call away.  If you are in Val d'Isère at some point between November and May, you will most likely find us in Les Chardons and we're more than happy to see you there!