After our first bio newsletter in July about Al and Hannah from The Cauldron, we are going to introduce Kat and Stig's story to you today. They are two of the people who have the longest history with YSE Ski. But how did they end up in Val d'Isère, what makes them passionate about their job and what are their future plans in the industry? Here's a brief insight into their interesting paths, which since October they walk together as one of the happiest married couples we know!


Kat is originally from Southampton, and has been a photographer from her teenager years on. Since the age of 15 she has photographed weddings and thoroughly enjoyed this artistic lifestyle. She moved on to getting a degree in photography and pursued this career until this day ( At the same time she took on an administrative job at her university and pursued quite a career in this field as well, until.... someone told her about the possibility to do a season in Val d'Isère. As she already was a keen snowboarder back then, it didn't take much to convince her to leave her uni job and become head of housekeeping for a high-end luxury chalet company.

Growing up in Suffolk, Stig had already worked in a restaurant for a couple of years before even thinking about doing a ski season. The opportunity then came up in 2008 and ever since he is known to be the trusted chef for one of YSE Ski's biggest chalets, Juniper. Stig didn't have any snowboarding experience before his first season. But being a talented skateboarder and surfer and with the support from YSE Cookery School chef's Scott and Murray, he soon acquired and mastered a new skill.


Both Kat's and Stig's first season was in 2008, but it would take several years until their paths should finally cross. In the summers Kat went back to work in her uni job in Southampton and Stig worked with Scott and Murray at The Grange in Frome, and with former YSE member Neil at his restaurant in Hossegor. The big change came when they got together in their fourth season and started working together. From then on their summers opened up to new exciting opportunities and they started working in private villas in Southern Europe, catering for HNW clients from around the world.

All of their clients, both summer and winter, were so impressed with their work as a couple, that it was only a matter of time for them to end up in a private position. So this summer, one of their clients hired them to cater for him and his family for a couple of months in several of their homes.

Now, back in Val d'Isère they are settling in for the next season. After attending YSE's cookery course, Kat had successfully and passionately run several chalets as a chef. For the second year in a row, Kat is now YSE Ski's rep for the winter season. She's mainly ensuring the cleanliness of all chalets and therefore has one of the hardest jobs available. Stig is taking over YSE Ski's latest flagship chalet right in the centre of town this year. Instead of working for billionaires they choose to come back to a seasonaire's job - because there's nothing that can beat the snow in Val d'Isère!

The part they both enjoy most about working in this niche of hospitality is the fact that you have more control over your own time than in many other jobs. You don't struggle with a 20 day limit on your holiday, you can choose the companies and clients you work for and two months after each season you have time to do what life is calling you to do. In their case - they're called to be wanderers, and we are intrigued to see where their path is going to lead them.