Each of us has quite a story to tell of how we came to be the YSE Cookery School. Our paths have been quite different, but what we have in common is that at some point we all started as seasonaires and had no idea where this "one season" was going to take us.
So, what can you expect from joining our Foundations Course? The answer is we don't know - really anything could happen!

You could end up doing the course then returning home to a normal life and a 9 to 5 job. But you'll cook a hell of a lot better than any of your friends! (unless you have a lot of chef friends…)

Or... you might work a ski season somewhere in the Alps, have an amazing time looking after guests, spend more time looking after your skiing or snowboarding and constantly improve your cooking skills and confidence. Then you move on to a summer job working for a little catering company in England where you help cooking for weddings, festivals and private events.

Or... you might meet someone during your season who knows someone who has just left a crew cook position on a luxury yacht and all of a sudden you find yourself in the Mediterranean Sea cooking for a crew of six on a 40m sailing yacht. For the winter the yacht is moving on to the Caribbean and after your first Atlantic crossing you spend the winter in the sun rather than the snow.

Or... you might fall in love with one of your co-workers over the course of a winter season and together you decide to run a villa job on the Greek island of Mykonos in summer. You work for a patchwork family of seven for a month and towards the end of the holiday they suggest you come and work in a permanent position for them. Faster than you can believe it you're packing your bags again and you move to a quaint town just outside London to work in their private 10 bedroom home alongside an existing team of butlers, maids and housekeepers.

And after a few years or seasons in positions like the above, you could find an opportunity to create your own little business. So all of a sudden you're not working FOR this little catering company for weddings and festivals anymore - you ARE that little catering company.
Or... after returning to one certain resort for one certain employer for many years, you might get offered the opportunity to run a cookery school in resort during summer! What is the likelihood of that?!?
Those of you who know us will have figured out that all of the above aren't just stories from out of the blue. They are little snippets from our lives or the lives of our friends. None of us knew what was going to happen when we first embarked on this journey that is completely different to a "normal" lifestyle and a "real" job.
We want to encourage you to embrace the opportunities that might come from this Foundations Course. You may only be planning to use your new skills for a gap year job. However, if you find yourself having too much fun with this lifestyle, seeing the world on a pretty good salary - then don't force yourself to go back home and settle down just because it's what one does and what's expected from you. Surprise yourself and everyone around you by making different choices. You are going to spend a lot of your life at work, so make sure you have fun there and love what you're doing.

This course can be a door opener for the most amazing opportunities out there and the gap year can easily grow into a career others will envy you for.
Start your cookery journey with us! Find our course dates and details at www.ysecookeryschool.co.uk/courses and get in touch with us to book your course today.

It can change your life and - oh, we can tell you a thing or two about the places you'll go!