All of a sudden, it's only a few weeks to go until our first Foundation Course starts! People keep asking us how we're getting on and where we're at with planning, cooking, writing a cookbook, building a kitchen etc. So here's a quick update for everyone who wants to have a little peek into the hows of creating a cookery school.

When we first decided to open our doors this summer, we knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge. Not because we had to invent the wheel all over again - our teachers Scott and Murray have many years of tuition experience and many more years of cooking under their belt. Therefore the general course layout and essential ideas were very quickly agreed on. Also deciding on the design of the kitchen and the kit to use was very straightforward.

What makes this adventure a challenge are the hundreds of little aspects that these big general decisions bring along.

"We're going to transform the Les Chardons dining room into our teaching kitchen, with a bench and a double hob for each student, ovens underneath the benches, one between two students." A simple and straightforward statement which quickly leads to a multitude of questions: where do we get the benches from? Buy in or DIY? Who is going to make it, who is designing it, who is going to order the wood panels, what kind of wood are we using, are we buying panels or cut-outs, are we spray- or brush-varnishing them, how many layers, which varnish, which colour? Are we using stand-alone or built-in hobs? Are we using ovens with lots of functions or basic ones? What is the electric supply in the dining room? Does this affect the hobs we want to buy? Can we run that many hobs and ovens at all?

And this is just about the kitchen. Multiply this by every topic that needs discussing, from course structure, to menu, to cookbook and taking pictures... and all of a sudden your inter-seasonal downtime is reduced to a mere 8 hour workday! But it's a fun process that we all enjoy! Every day we create a little bit more of what is going to be a successful, vibrant new business in Val d'Isère! Every day one of these little things that we have imagined, now becomes reality step by step. If you can dream it you can do it!


The course content and design is complete with all the techniques and dishes, now we are writing our cookbook. Tomorrow the wood will be delivered and the time that isn't spent writing the book, will be spent drilling holes and dowelling and varnishing the panels.

And just like you we look forward to seeing all of these little bits come together and soon greeting our first students in the brand new Cookery School, built in our imagination first and then with our own hands and blood, sweat and thankfully no tears as yet!

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