Obviously, we are a cookery school and we want to teach you how to cook. But we are very aware that many of you out there already have a pretty good level in cooking and are capable of impressing your dinner guests (or your family for Sunday lunch) with some quite amazing stuff.

Therefore we're not just going to ask you to send us your most beautiful picture of your latest dinner party. We are going to challenge you! We're asking "Can YOU cook?!". Our competitors can be anyone who is signed up to our newsletter or comes across our page on Facebook, and the challengers are our teachers Scott and Murray!

The rules and the schedule of the game are straight forward: every second Monday morning our newsletter, the Monday Morning Meeting, goes out with the latest Challenge Recipe. It won't always be a main, you might get away with an easy starter or a sweet treat for dessert. You have until the following Tuesday (9 days) to cook, photograph and send us the best shot of your dish.

Scott or Murray will cook the same dish and will post it a few days before the competition ends so you can see how close you are to beating them.

By Tuesday 9pm we need all the competition entries in our mailbox. The selection of the best five will be published on our Facebook page and everyone can vote for YOUR dish! Or for Scott & Murray's. If you come in first place, you get 30 points, second 20, third 10.

The best part is: the points reflect a direct discount in British Pounds! If you win the competition 3 times, that's already almost £100 off one of our courses!  You don't even need to cook just by yourself: cook with your flat mates, your family, with friends and collect the points together. Share the collected points to do a course together, or donate them to someone who couldn't do the course without your help!

Think about it this way: you need to cook anyway, so why not cook something new from our list of recipes and without much extra effort collect a chunky discount on a very special holiday! Especially now when you haven't got many competitors, you might bag a decent discount fairly quickly!

"Can YOU Cook?!" will be a continuous competition - you take part whenever you like, and you don't if you can't find the time, don't like the recipe or simply can't be bothered. The leader board on our website will keep you updated where you stand in comparison to others, and how much discount you have accumulated since the start of the competition.
Get ready for shopping and chopping, sharpen your knives and your senses and charge your brain and your camera - because we'll keep asking "Can YOU cook?!".

Challenge Recipe of the week

This week we challenge you to cook and beautifully present a Pad Thai.

Find the recipe with all ingredients and the cooking method on