Val d'Isère - one of Europe's best ski resorts, hundreds of kilometres of runs, a modern and fast lift system, amazing and accessible off-piste skiing, the best and most reliable snow conditions you could ask for, views that blow your mind, and a town with a vibe that will put a spell on every visitor. If you're a skier or a snowboarder, it's like you've died and gone to heaven!

While there are hundreds of thousands of visitors in Val d'Isère in the winter months, summer is comparably quiet. Val Tourism has picked up on this niche and started developing its summer tourism in the recent years. The result is more than satisfying: there is hardly any activity you could think of that is not available in the small Savoyarde town.

From hiking, mountain biking, a choice of via ferratas, tennis and archery to horseback riding, summer skiing, swimming and golf - it's all here. Unlike other resorts Val d'Isère doesn't charge a fortune to use its lifts in summer: the lifts are free for hikers and mountain bikers! You only pay for the lifts up to the glaciers if you fancy some summer skiing.

The Tourism Office puts on a whole lot of free activities too: beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, photo rally, pétanque, orienteering race, cycling up to the Col de l'Isèran and many more. Every day from Monday to Friday they offer a different free activity - you simply look it up online and find them when and where the schedule tells you.

Nothing for you above? The Ecole d'Acrobatie lifts you high up in the air on their trampolines, Val d'Isère's Club des Sports gets your heartbeat going with a wide range of fitness courses, the Parcours Val'Aventure gives you a surge of adrenaline with zip lines and climbing challenges on five different levels of difficulty, the sports park Charles Diebold sets up slack lines to improve your balance, or you can take an e-motorbike to the electrical park, have a go at laser biathlon, enjoy one of the many white water activities - or simply have a relaxed day at the swimming pool with its adjoining wellness area.

There is one thing you won't find in Val d'Isère in summer: boredom.

No matter if you book one of our Foundation Courses or a Cookery Retreat, or you come along as a non-cooking guest: you will not only enjoy an outstanding cookerycourse and fantastic food, you will also go home with a bursting suitcase full of marvellous memories from an exceptional summer holiday in the French Alps.


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