We already mentioned Al and Hannah briefly in our very first newsletter. They are the hands, brains, heart and soul of the successful Devon catering company Fego Food. Their story is unique in one way, but also not surprising to those who could witness their talent from the start, when they met during a season in Val d'Isère.

Al had already worked as a chef for a season with YSE Ski, when Hannah joined the company for a season during a gap year. Before moving on to a "real" job in the "real" world, she wanted to have some fun times in the beautiful French Alps. They both worked as chefs in different chalets, and while Al knew he was going back to a chef's job in England, Hannah was keen to get into teaching after the winter.

Once they had season life out of their system, they moved back to London where Al quickly found a chef position and Hannah went to teach at elementary school. Little did they know what life had in store for them!! They found themselves parents-to-be after only a little while in London and soon realized it wasn't the life they imagined for a little one. They both grew up in the countryside in Devon and Cornwall and loved looking back at days by the beach, boots and clothes covered in mud and sticky hands full of freshly picked berries  - no way should little Jago have to deal with smog, fog and grumpy people in his young life.

Al and Hannah in their first year of trading with The Cauldron

Al and Hannah in their first year of trading with The Cauldron

So off they went to live with Hannah's mum in Devon who had just finished doing up an old farm cottage. There they found the peace and quiet they wanted to raise their first child, the perfect surroundings for one of the country's most amazing wedding parties and the ideal setup for their first catering adventure: The Cauldron. Butchering his own meat at home, Al took off to all sorts of places with their quirky catering van to sell at markets, camping grounds and small festivals. And their food was popular! Home-butchered, home-smoked, home-cured meats, fresh salads and tasty homemade sauces to top it all off. Not long until The Cauldron became the insiders' tip for your company event or wedding.

Over the last couple of years their little business has thrived. Jago is now the oldest of two brothers and Felix and Jago are the reason why Al and Hannah's wedding catering business is now called Fego Foods.

The selection and presentation of their food couldn't be much wider, more creative or more mouthwatering. Full books for weddings, festivals, private functions and company events in 2016 and 2017 tell their very own story: how a cookery course followed by a couple of seemingly carefree seasons can actually change your life and get you started successful young entrepreneurs and get to live your very own dream!

If you want to find out more about Al and Hannah's business, go to their website www.fegofood.co.uk where you can see a lot more of their inspirational creations!