Our summer in Val d'Isère was so much better than we had expected! We've only ever seen the place in winter and although we knew there was a lot going on in summer, we hadn't thought it could be anywhere near the same magic as the winter wonderland we know.

Our cookery course was just as much a huge success. Our participants and non-cooking guests have thoroughly enjoyed their stay with us and of course having all the delicious food that the students prepared. From bread baking and pasta making to filleting fish, sushi rolling and barbecuing quails by Lac de l'Ouillette or having an Indian feast  - there was something for everyone. Whenever we asked for favourites, it was usually the meal we'd just had.

Special moments for us were those when students or guests were gently pushed to try something new they hadn't tried before. And then mostly see surprised reactions at the confit duck leg, the mussels, foie gras, olive tapenade, quails eggs, green papaya salad, squid ink dinner rolls and many more.

Every day there was something new to learn, a new skill, a new cuisine, a new way to prepare something, and always the realization how much better things taste when you make everything from scratch. And how satisfying it is when you make something yourself that you would usually just buy at a store. What a lovely sound when you take a fresh bread out of the oven and it's still crackling when you put it down on the table!
We had a lot of fun this summer in Val d'Isère and we hope to see many of you during winter as well - when you can simply sit down and enjoy the four course meal in the evening that you have worked so hard for recently!

For now we will leave you with a few impressions from the summer and while our Monday Morning Meeting will take a little summer break, we'll still post pictures on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Also, the current Can You Cook Challenge for the Chicken Milanese will go on until after our return - so plenty of time to get some practice and send in your best shot of the dish!
Enjoy the summer time and if you are in a sunny place make sure to take that weather with you!