Now, we often get the question "Why?" - why do you do this? Why do you spend time working while other people are holidaying? Why do you work weekends, long hours, split shifts, weeks in a row without days off? Isn't it tiring? Isn't it depressing to see others having fun while you're working so hard?

And the answer is very simple. We do it because we choose to. We do it because we love it! We do it because we want to see YOU smile!

This kind of work allows us to see places all over the world, meeting people from every corner of the globe and get to know places from an inside angle that you wouldn't get if you were a tourist. You get to know the old French man who looks after his veg garden almost every hour of the day and gives away to others what he can't consume himself. You meet the Italian guy sitting on a bench overlooking the grassy beginner slopes, telling the story about him and his wife and how they've been working in Val for the last 20 years. You come back to a fish monger on a Greek island after a year of absence and the lady gives you the biggest smile and without hesitation just says "Tell me!" to get your order. You make friends with the girl in the veg section of a supermarket where you spend a lot of your shopping time and you have a little tear in the corner of your eye when it's time to leave the island. And you hear all about the busy working summer of the girl at the till who from April to October works with one single day off and is away from her boyfriend all summer, because there aren't enough jobs on the Greek mainland.

And of course there are our students, our guests and our clients - who become parts of our lives (and vice versa) for a longer or a shorter period of time, we share stories, laughter, lessons and joy. And above all, we are there to make this holiday a little bit more special, a little bit more memorable.

At the end of the day, yes, our feet may hurt and after a busy season all you want to do is catching up on sleep. But we are so much a part of these fun-filled weeks and it fills us with delight to be able to create so much of this.

Would we change it for a 9-5 job with 2 day weekends and 20 day’s annual leave? Every now and then it does sound tempting. But then you look out the window, and you overlook the Aegean Sea, the French Alps or the green fields at a wedding venue in England and smiling faces everywhere. And then the answer isn't that difficult at all.