The YSE Cookery School operates exclusively in the summer. July and August are the only two summer months in Val d'Isère when construction stops, the lifts open for free to mountain bikers and hikers and the area most of us only know as a snowy white winter wonderland becomes a vibrant playground for all the summer sports you could possibly imagine.
But for now, we just want to take a quick look around and share the beauty of our winter season with you. If you were looking for a place to spend a week's holiday or considering doing a season - Val d'Isère will never cease to amaze you! No matter how often you visit our little village in the Tarentaise Valley, you will always discover a run you haven't skied before, try a new restaurant on the mountain, find incredible off-piste routes with experienced guides and be fascinated by the weekly show that the town puts on every Thursday on the blocked off main road.

We couldn't live in a more abundant place of joy! Apart from the skiing and snowboarding, we absolutely love to create a wonderful week for our guests at YSE Ski. Every week our guests enjoy six 4-course-dinners which our chefs cook from scratch on the day with fresh ingredients.

For those who would like to create similar dinner parties at home, we offer our week long Cookery Retreat. With some home cooking experience, a passion for cooking and an interest in trying and cooking new dishes, this is the right place for you to spend some time with like-minded people.

If you are interested in doing a season yourself (summer or winter, chalet or yacht, restaurant or hotel), we highly recommend our two weekFoundation Course which will see you through from basic knife skills and vegetable preparation, all the way through to preparing sea food, meringues or Beef en Croûte.
Both courses will allow you enough time to have a break in the afternoon and spend some time outside, enjoying all that Val d'Isère has to offer in summer!

See our next blog entry for more on what summer has to offer.