Many times we've been asked why people should book with a course at our cookery school and make treck all the way  out to the French Alps for a week or two. Surely you can reach the exact same goals in one of the many cookery schools in England without the added hassle and expense of travelling?


1) Your surroundings
It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a city-, a sea- or a mountain-person. Nobody can escape the magic of the beautiful landscapes around us here in Val d'Isère. It's a place that always has its own beauty, no matter what time of year, no matter what the weather is like. Being able to go for a hike on your afternoon break and come back with all sorts of new impressions of the mountains, lake and wildlife around us can't be matched easily.

2) Our schedule
We are running a one week and a two week course for different people with different targets. With both courses you will work alongside your tutors and other students using the many recipes that we have carefully  chosen. They have been selected in order to not just teach how to make one dish, but more importantly to practice new skills and techniques. We don't want to send you home with a book full of easy-to-follow recipes to fill a week's worth of evening meals. We want to make sure that you develop and evolve the art and the crafting behind cooking that will make the perfect basis for all your future cooking.

3) Our students
Our policy is to only accept students from the age of 20. We are well aware that we miss a big bracket of the market, but by attracting students with a genuine interest in cooking we aim to keep late party nights and Snapchats throughout class back in the UK.



4) The cost
"But we have to pay the extra cost to get to Val d'Isère" is somethingwe often hear. This is correct at a first glance, but: even if you attend a cookery course in the UK you would have to pay to get to the school, wouldn't you? With a bit of luck, flights to Geneva can be found under £100 and the transfer from Geneva airport is included in the course fee (for Saturday arrivals). Once here you won't have to share your room with anybody else or deal with bunk beds, no, you'll have your very own ensuite bedroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, tuition fees and house wine with lunch (one week course only) and dinner is included, as well as a one week activity pass which grants you free access to the swimming pool as often as you like, and also a choice of taster sessions for several summer activities. Moreover, both our courses run from Sunday to Friday (one Saturday off on the two week course), which gives you more net time in class than on most UK weekly courses. Our course fees are therefore around 25% lower than our average competitor.

wine again.jpg


5) Our connections
We have an extensive network through our many years of working in the industry and we're not keeping it a secret! After the course you can access our "Après" section where our tutors will always only be a message away from solving your dinner disaster, or helping you out with your job search if you are looking to spend your summer in a Greek villa or your winter in a French ski chalet or a yacht in the Caribbean.