We've been waiting for this moment for a long time: Black and white editions, re-working recipes, taking pictures, a test print, proof-reading for the zillionth time, adjusting pictures, improving fonts, changing layouts.... and now it is finally here!

It's been a long time coming and it's been continuous work over the past few months, making changes again and again, until we were finally satisfied with its look and all its contents. We finally hold the final product in our hands, and have to admit we're a tad bit proud!

Looking at it on our shelf next to Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc - it doesn't stand out as the DIY version of a recipe collection. Our hardcover full-colour can very well keep up with the cookbooks of the renowned international chefs.

Each of our students will receive a copy of this book, regardless whether they are on our one week Cookery Retreat or the two week Foundation Course. On the Cookery Retreat we'll cook just over half the recipes in the book, but you will still get the full course book for you to try the rest of the recipies from our 2 week course at home.

Through the 230 pages we'll take you through 17 different chapters including Bread, Canapés, Starters, different kinds of main dishes (Vegetarian, Fish & Seafood, Beef, Pork, Birds, Lamb) and seperate chapters for Sushi, Sauces, Ice Cream & Desserts.

Over 200 recipes to inspire you - from the basics like a Vinaigrette or Chocolate Ganache to the elaborate procedures like the Supreme and Croquette of Pigeon with Masala Sauce.

If you have been on a winter holiday with YSE Ski before, you might recognize "old friends" like the popular and famous (if a little old school!) Beef en Croûte, but the main focus of the course is to improve your ability to cook from scratch, try new dishes and include ingredients you may have not used all too often before.

One of the most important aspects of both our courses is that we want to teach you techniques rather than learning how to mindlessly repeating a dozen recipes. Every recipe in our cookbook is there for a specific reason.

The pictures on our newsletter today show you some of the creative contents. The only way to get one of the YSE Cookery School Cookbooks though is to be on one of our courses.

Find out which courses are still available this July and August on our website.