People often ask us what there is to do in Val d'Isere other than “just” cooking on our 6 day Cookery Retreat or our 12 day Foundation Course.

Apart from a multitude of summer activities from mountain biking to hiking, swimming, climbing, archery, tennis, beach volleyball, trampolining, fishing, horseback riding, conquering the local Via Ferratas or simply sitting in the sunshine enjoying a glass of rosé, people tend to forget the most obvious thing: EATING!

You might find this a rather laughable statement, but when someone is thinking about booking a cookery course they find themselves pondering all the things they might learn to cook, certain types of cuisines or a few specific recipes they might have seen on our social media.
Until they physically sit down in front of Chicken Milanese for their first lunch, they often overlook the fact that eating is a large part of the cookery course.


Our cookbook consists of over 200 pages. During our two week course we will cook every recipe and on the one week course we cover about half of them. And you get to eat all of this – as two course lunches (mains and desserts) and four course dinners (canapes, starters, mains, desserts).

If you have travelled with YSE Ski before, you will quickly realize that the variety is much wider than what we offer on our winter holidays as we are learning to cook from scratch without the parameters of catering for a winter ski holiday.
Cooking towards lunch and dinner each day will give you plenty of opportunities to learn new techniques and recipes but also potentially taste foods you have never tasted before – and had never considered tasting. You may not think you’re a particular fan of shellfish, a certain type of meat or style of cuisine – but preparing it yourself, knowing the ingredients and having the opportunity to taste it in a “safe” environment makes you enjoy foods that you didn’t think possible to ever end up on your plate!

Many of our students go home to be Moules Frites lovers, Foie Gras converts or deciples of the Asian cuisine whereas the most exotic dish on their menu before attending the course might have been Britain’s favorite dish, the Chicken Tikka Masala!