Over recent years, Flint and Flame have become a major player in the UK kitchenware scene with their outstanding range of knives.

This luxurious knife range combines exceptional quality, performance and value.

Made from the highest quality German carbon steel, and celebrated by top chefs and passionate home cooks alike, these knives make a fantastic addition to any domestic or professional kitchen.

With a beautifully contoured, ergonomically designed handle incorporating CPB ‘Centre Point Balance’ technology, and a unique ZPP ‘Zero Pressure Point’ design, eliminating the risk of callouses forming after prolonged use, these knives are a real must have for the home and professional chef alike.

See the whole range at www.flintandflame.co.uk/

Developing good knife skills and working with the right knives is a crucial part of learning to cook. With thousands of brands and styles available its no wonder so many students purchase knives before learning how to use them properly, parting with a reasonable sum of money only to find that the knives they have aren’t exactly the ones they should have purchased. During your course you will learn the skills you need and be able to try our wide selection of knives to make the right choice.